ITHA Spring Landscaping Day: April 8th
To the Neighborhood.

As the weather starts to improve, your friendly ITHA board thought it would be fun to have another Landscaping Day in the Terraces.

The date will be SUNDAY, APRIL 8th, from 1PM to 4PM.

We would really love it if you could participate.

We'll do the rest in FAQ-style:

I'm looking forward to it! Where do I sign up?

Simply click and fill out the simple form:

Where are we going to meet?

We'll meet at the Sundial on Sunday April 8th at 1PM. If you're late, you can always call me at 415-218-3431.

What are we going to be working on?

We thought that the Ingleside Terraces gates could use some sprucing up. Cleaning the pillars, weeding, even light painting of railings and lettering. Let's clean up our front doors.

Can I work on the entrance nearest my house?


Should I bring my own equipment, or will you provide some?

We don't want to spend the ITHA resources buying yard tools - so it would be VERY helpful if you could bring whatever items you might have. Gloves are important. Paint brushes are great. Scrub brushes. That kind of stuff.

I have other questions - who can I ask?

Me. Email me at

Will it be fun?

Of course! In advance - thanks for participating. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

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