Announcing Our Community Investment Grant
 The San Francisco Police Officers Association is deeply committed to the welfare and protection of every citizen in the City and County of San Francisco—it is what our officers put their lives on the line for on a daily basis. 

We know that the foundation of public safety is built on the strength and vitality of San Francisco’s diverse communities. Our goal is to support the work of members of the community to create neighborhoods that residents can take pride in. That is why I am thrilled to announce a brand new initiative the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association is undertaking to do just this: our Community Investment Grant

Designed to empower local leaders and community members, the Community Investment Grant will fund projects that foster positive experiences for children and the surrounding community. $5,000 grants will be awarded quarterly to those community organizations that work tirelessly to improve their neighborhoods. The grants will fund specific community-building and improvement projects. We believe that locally-rooted organizations are best equipped to identify and meet each community’s unique set of needs. Whether the project includes purchasing new sports equipment for a community recreation center or establishing a community garden, we want to help communities grow and thrive. 

We call these grants “investments,” because we expect significant and lasting returns in the form of community improvements. These improvements deepen the relationship between residents and their neighborhood, garnering higher community participation and engagement. By fostering and nurturing this relationship, we hope to continue the timeless San Francisco tradition of active community involvement. 

The Community Investment Grant is the newest addition to the San Francisco Police Officers Association’s extensive portfolio of charitable and community work. We contribute to nearly 100 charitable organizations across the Bay Area, with gifts totaling over $100,000 each year. 

To learn more about the Community Investment Grant program and to apply for a grant, please visit the SFPOA web site.

Martin Halloran
SFPOA President

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