SFMTA Municipal Transportation Agency Sept Update
This September, we’re rolling out another round of service improvements to make your ride smoother, more frequent, and more convenient! You might have caught a glimpse about it in the news—here or here— but in case you missed it, here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect on September 26:
  • New 60-foot hybrid buses to reduce crowding and make your ride more comfortable
  • More frequent service to shorten the wait at your Muni stop
  • Redesigned routes to better connect you to neighborhoods and major destinations across the city

To get the full details of all the improvements happening this September, check out our blog post.These upgrades are the second phase in a series of four service increases we’re rolling out through 2016. Tell us what you think at TellMuni.com, or give us a shout on twitter @MuniForward.
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