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Agenda for ITHA Meeting - Oct 20, 2016 - MarkScardina - 10-17-2016

The following is the Agenda next week’s meeting.
All Ingleside Terraces homeowners and residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

7:30 P.M. Thursday, Oct 20, 2016
Guild Hall – St. Francis Episcopal Church
399 San Fernando Way
San Francisco, CA.


7:30pm: Call to order Mark Scardina

1. Approval of 9/15/2016 Meeting Minutes Mark Scardina
2.  President’s Report Mark Scardina
3. Treasurer’s Report David Supan
4. SFPD Taraval Station Sector Sergeant’s report TBD
5. SF Coyote Wildlife Plan Update Mark Scardina
6. Short-Term Rental Applications Update Mark Scardina
7. Annual Meeting Preparations Mark/Wendy Dwyer
8.  Committee Report
   a. Construction Report Suzanne McDonnell
​   b. Design Review Suzanne McDonnell
​   c. NERT Colin Shields
​   d. Newsletter Committee Linda McGilvray
   e. Membership Committee Jade To
​   f. Welcome Wagon Jade To
   g. Social Committee Sandy Gandolfo, Wendy Dwyer
​   h. Landscape Committee John Stacey
​   i. Electronic Comm. Committee Mark Scardina for Mark Goldstein
​   j. WTPCC Report Mark Scardina

9. New Business

9:00PM Adjourn

NEXT MEETING: Sat. Nov. 19, at 10am - Annual Meeting