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PG&E Streetlight Upgrade Status - MarkScardina - 07-19-2018

I have received this update for the PG&E Streetlight upgrade work being completed.

3 week lookahead schedule is as follows:

Week of 7/16, we will be starting at the SWCO Urbano/Victoria IFO 744 Urbano, and making our way west down Urbano twds 700 Urbano, and will most likely start on De Soto once we finish on Urbano

Week of 7/23 will work on De Soto, then move to Corona St pending progress, restoring the sidewalks on Victoria next week and then up and around Urbano.

Week of 7/30 finish up De Soto/Corona If we are able to keep to this schedule, we will be done North of Holloway by 8/6