Micro-surfacing Pavement Preservation is coming to your district
Micro-surfacing Pavement Preservation is coming to your district 

Micro-surfacing preserves the asphalt pavement by protecting the surface from the effects of natural aging and the environment caused by inclement weather, excessive heat and the searing effects of the sun. It can extend the life of pavement at a fraction of the cost by restoring the wearing surface of a roadway and sealing off any moisture and preventing oxidation that can cause deterioration and require more costly repairs down the road.

Micro-surfacing will take 2 days to complete on a block, compared to several days/weeks for full roadway reconstruction which can include street base repairs and repaving.  The two dates for work and closing the street are usually 4-7 days apart.  (see October 5 through November 3 work schedule attached)

Public Notification: The contractor, Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC mailed the
.pdf   2564J October 5- November 3 2016.pdf (Size: 304.72 KB / Downloads: 0)  to property owners of properties on the affected blocks.   About 10 days before the work begins, residents and merchants at the affected locations will receive a 10 day “notice of construction” that will give the exact dates and time of work and will outline the “no parking” restrictions.  In addition, barricades will be placed on the sidewalks approximately 72 hours in advance of work beginning.    

The Micro Surfacing Preservation ProcessMicro-surfacing is applied in dry, moderate to warm weather conditions. The process includes the use of a large steam-roller like truck that pours the micro-surfacing material on to the street. Workers will then use a long squeegee-like tool to spread the material evenly across the street.  Each block takes about 30 minutes to apply.  “Micro-surfacing” is a liquid-oil and crushed rock mixture that requires about four to five hours to dry under moderate weather conditions. Once completely dry, residents are able to walk and drive on it safely without tracking it onto sidewalks and driveways.Learn more about the program at: www.sfpublicworks.org/microsurface

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