Upcoming Balboa Reservoir CAC Meetings: March 14 and April 13
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Dear Members of the Balboa Community, 
We’d like to update you on upcoming Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings. The schedule is designed for the CAC to listen to the diversity of community input, engage in discussion, and move the conversation forward toward a final Request for Proposals (RFP). The CAC will continue to review RFP language with the aim of reaching consensus on the seven topical sections: housing, transportation, urban design, public realm, sustainability, relationship to City College, and additional public benefits.   
MONDAY, MARCH 14TH Topic: Urban Design 
In February, City staff presented the 3rd draft of the urban design parameters and the CAC heard the extent of related public comments. At the March meeting, the CAC will continue the discussion and aim to reach consensus on the draft urban design section.  
Topic: Housing 
In February, City staff also presented the 3rd round of revisions to the housing parameters. Community members raised several new questions regarding housing. At the March meeting, City staff with affordable housing expertise will give a presentation in response to recent questions and concerns. Community members will have the opportunity to ask for clarifications on the presentation and then provide general feedback on the parameters. Time permitting, the CAC will continue the discussion and aim to reach consensus on the draft housing section.
Topic: Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management 
After several Balboa Reservoir meetings in 2015, the need for transportation planning beyond the scope of the Reservoir and other nearby projects became clear. Thanks to support from Supervisor Yee, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority is funding a broader “Transportation Demand Management” (TDM) plan to do just that. The TDM Plan consultant, Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates, will introduce the plan and its goals on April 13th. Read more about TDM work in San Francisco here
Topic: Balboa Reservoir Transportation Parameters 
After the TDM presentation provides a larger context, the CAC and community will then provide informed, targeted feedback on Balboa Reservoir transportation parameters. City staff will present the second draft of the transportation parameters, based on feedback given up until the end of 2015. (The CAC has not had a chance to address transportation since then.)
The CAC will continue to meet monthly to reach consensus on the remaining sections of the RFP.  

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