Department of Building Inspection: February 2015 2nd Issue
 [font]Having trouble viewing this email? Click here![/font] [Image: p1x1.gif&c=b4db2220-9c0f-11e4-aa43-d4ae5...ae52754aa9]  [Image: S.gif] [Image: 787dfd92-83ca-4ab9-b8bb-e8bda4640eb5.jpg]Greetings from Director Hui [Image: s.gif] [Image: f5b4a39c-d25f-4b39-bb1e-6501b09082db.jpg]Last month's devastating fires that displaced more than 100 residents shed an important light on the need to take additional steps to ensure housing and building safety in San Francisco. As the department responsible for upholding building and housing codes in San Francisco, DBI has made more frequent routine inspections, and more visible communication channels, a top priority this year.
 Every day, as our building inspectors go out to ensure that construction work is done according to required codes, and our housing inspectors follow up on new complaints that are often focused on life-safety code requirements, the overall goal is to ensure that codes are enforced and adhered to. We are committed to working with residents, business owners, our stakeholders and customers to protect the building and life safety of each and every person that lives, works and visits San Francisco.
 If you notice any building or housing safety hazards in your building, please call the City's 3-1-1 number, or you can call (415) 558-6570, visit our offices at 1660 Mission Street, or file a complaint online. Building risks and danger can be prevented if we work together. [Image: S.gif]Track Permits and Complaints Online [Image: s.gif][Image: 60fa1c83-a7f9-4d4b-bd1a-9a32bf2ab24e.jpg]Have you ever wondered about the history of your building, but not sure where to start? You can learn more about your property with our Online Permit Tracking System (PTS). PTS allows users to effortlessly view permit and complaint history online. These records include building, electrical, plumbing, boiler permits and complaint information dating back to 1989. With this tool, you can learn about past work on properties or watch the stages of a current project. Renters can also discover if there are any open or closed complaints for their apartment building. Our PTS is easy, fast, and accessible 24/7, so why not try looking up a property today? Read More [Image: 63b79844-fff0-4d3d-987a-ce47447de60c.jpg][b][b][b][b][Image: s.gif]Report Vacant or Abandoned Buildings[/b][/b][/b][/b][size=2]Per legislations passed in 2014, vacant or abandoned residential and commercial properties are now required to register with DBIas well as pay an annual registration fee and implement maintenance and security requirements. Property owners are encouraged to repair and return these buildings back to their full potential. Often these blighted properties are falling apart and covered in graffiti, and may pose public safety hazards to those who live and work near them. Help DBI's efforts in identifying vacant or abandoned residential and commercial buildings![/size]If you suspect a vacant or abandoned residential or commercial building in your neighborhood, you may report the address to DBI's Code Enforcement Section at (415) 558-6454 or by email at Read More  [Image: 20a23c04-b516-4127-8c9e-4c16bcb56663.jpg][Image: s.gif] Do You Have Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms?  In cases of emergency, a few seconds can make all the difference. One important aspect of building safety is the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on the property or unit. With an alarm, one can be alerted to danger, and exit to safety. Fires can spread easily, and an alarm could prevent serious injury. Carbon monoxide is odorless, invisible, and tasteless. It is estimated that carbon monoxide injures thousands of people nationwide each year. The installation of fire and carbon monoxide alarms are a low-cost and effective measure towards protecting you, your roommates and/or family. If your building lacks fire or carbon monoxide alarms, or has other hazards, please report your complaints to Housing Inspection Services at (415) 558-6220. Read More [Image: S.gif][Image: s.gif]New Tow-Away/No Parking Signage [Image: e3d6a908-bc58-4267-a015-3572664565a2.jpg]Beginning March 2, 2015, Public Works (DPW) will be implementing new pre-printed Tow-Away/No Parking signage required for Street Space Permits issued at DBI. They will result in clearly legible, 11x17" colored signage featuring QR codes for easy and accessible project information. Read More[Image: s.gif]Like Us on Facebook to Win a DBI Tote![Image: 97565180-08bd-488a-bb8f-8c57621c95ee.jpg]Like us on Facebook [Image: ic_fbk_16.png] and leave us a note to let us know what you'd like for us to share. Doing so will get you a DBI tote bag! We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, DBI Communications Team   In This Issue
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