Online Caroling and Holiday Gathering - Sunday December 20th
Given the uncertainty around the COVAD-19 Pandemic, we have not been able to plan our usual events, like the annual garage sale and annual picnic. However, we are happy to announce....
Online caroling and holiday gathering 
Sunday December 20, 7-8PM
In a year that's been unlike any other, we're going to have an annual holiday event unlike any other. We will gather virtually in our homes, via Zoom, and enjoy singing carols together and sharing the holiday spirit.

We have created a small online choir of neighbors who've installed the Jamulus program for singing together on our computers. The choir will appear in the Zoom video, but our audio will be looped around separately so we can truly sing together, from our homes to yours. That mix will be fed back into Zoom, for the rest of you all to enjoy.

You can just listen, or sing along with us - but by yourselves, with your microphones muted to avoid clobbering the choir's input.

If you'd like to try singing with the choir using Jamulus, contact for instructions.

If you and/or others in your family would like to sing a tune or two as well, you'll also have the opportunity to unmute your mics and sing to the assembled crowd. Please contact in that case too. So we can plan out the evening.

In addition to singing, there will be time for schmoozing, and sharing holiday stories, and possibly showing off some of your ornaments and decorations.

If you plan on attending please RSVP to We'll send you the Zoom link on Sunday afternoon.

You'll hear more about these and other events if you join one of our email groups. Information about regular meetings is posted on our meetings page.

Happy Hiolidays!


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