ITHA Spring Garage Sale May 2
Hello, ITHA Neighbors,The deadline has been extended from noon today until 9:00PM tonight to notify me that you will be participating in the May 2 Spring Fling Garage Sale. Please advise me of your address and the top three categories of the items you will be selling. Your check for a suggested $20.00 donation should be made out to "ITHA." So far, we have nine neighbors participating from the following Ingleside Terraces streets:
  • Moncada
  • Head
  • Lunado
  • Corona
  • Alviso
  • Urbano

One family has generously offered their time to post flyers in West Portal/Lakeside, and we could sure use more help with this fun task. We are still looking for volunteers to hang the banners on the entrances to ITHA  on the stone pillars. Thank you, Wendy(415) 706-0549
[dir=ltr]Saturday, May 2, 2015        10:00 am until 3:00 pm

All neighbors in Ingleside Terraces are invited to open their garage doors for the sale!
Take advantage of this money making and community event!  Publicity coordinated by ITHA ! Thank you to Linda for creating the flyers and maps and to Sandy for putting our ad in the SFGate, Craigslist and Nextdoor. 

Hopefully, we will be enjoying another brilliantly sunny day like .... yesterday! 

Here are ways you may help with publicizing this fabulous event: 
  • If you are willing to help place flyers, created by Linda, in local businesses the week of April 27th, let me know. I'll give you however many you wish, and you could specify the segment of Ocean Ave, West Portal, SFState, our neighborhood or any other nearby neighborhood you are willing to canvas.
  • If you are willing to hang posters and signs on construction/realtor wooden folding stands throughout the ITHA boundaries on the [/size]morning of the sale, meet at 8:30 am on May 2nd at Sandy's, 440 Urbano. Please let me know if you can help by responding to this email or call 706-0549!  Hopefully at least 10 neighbors will respond, especially neighbors who will be customers as the sellers will be quite busy organizing their items! If anyone knows of an inexpensive way to obtain helium-filled balloons, let me know. Helium is at such a premium now, that party stores are charging $1.29 PER balloon!
  • Sandy has the large banners ITHA purchased to advertise the sale, and we need help hanging them on the stone pillars. Who could bring a ladder and is interested in this helpful task the week of April 27th?

Linda will be creating a map of the participating homeowners including their top 3 categories of items to be sold. There are now 8 households signed up, and the deadline has been moved up to this Thursday, April 23rd so that the flyers and maps can be made! One interesting tidbit from experience: If you live on Cerritos, but would like to have your sale located at the back of your home on Cedro, please let me know the address on Cedro. Please email Wendy Dwyer at before Thursday, April 23rd at noon with the following information: 1. your last name (#1 and #2 will not appear on the map,) 
 2. phone #
 3. address for the map
 4. the top three categories of items you will be selling. 5. If you will volunteer for publicity

Each seller's address will be graphically noted on the map and the sellers will receive 20 printed copies of the map on Friday May 1st to hand out to customers. I will also post the map and flyer to this google group so you may copy it and give it to your friends or post it in your place of business. I understand that some of our households took note of "early birds," those customers who greatly anticipate this sale and arrive at your doorstep very early. There were even folks inquiring the day before. I will make sure that I will have something along the lines of "NO EARLY BIRDS!" diplomatically on the flyer and map, but please anticipate that this phenomenon may happen again this year. To be clear (as mud!), the flyer has the date/time and an outline of our neighborhood and is used to let the San Francisco community at large know about our big sale, and the map is a bit more closely guarded as it contains the actual street addresses and items to be sold.
If you still have unsold items at the end of the day that you would like to donate, I would be happy to take your donations to any of the following places:
  • I know the Bayview Mission on Jerrold would gladly accept any of your unsold items. 
  • You will also be able to donate your unsold electronics by contacting Recology or drop off at the SF Ecocenter at 590 Howard. Call 287-0000 x102 for more information.
  • Donations of used books are welcomed at any SF Public libraries, including those closest to Ingleside Terraces: Merced, 155 Winston Drive or Ingleside, 1298 Ocean Avenue. This will put books back into the hands of readers and will replenish books in public school libraries.
  • If you have used sports equipment or new first aid supplies, the Lick-Wilmerding High School, 755 Ocean Ave, students traveling to Senegal in June would appreciate your donations. Let me know and I will hand deliver them to the students.

There is a suggested donation of $20 per household participating to cover the cost of publicity. Our garage sale will be publicized through the SFGate, Craigslist and NextDoor and other forums. Please drop off or mail your check written to: ITHA , and send it to Wendy Dwyer at 350 Urbano Drive! So far, 7 neighbors will be participating and 5 have given ITHA a donation. To date, those participating live on Urbano (3), Lunado (1) Alviso (1), Corona (1) and Moncada (1). Invite your neighbors to participate, and also have your friends who do not live in the Terraces bring their items to your home so you both could participate. If you live on Holloway, Ashton, Ocean or Junipero Serra, we would love to have you participate as your homes are welcoming gateways to draw customers into the Terraces!  Thank you, one and all!
Wendy, 706-0549

The flyer for the Garage Sale this weekend is here:

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