Special ITHA Board Telecnoference on 5/11
There will be a special ITHA Board Teleconference on Monday, May 11th at 9pm to 10pm to address the following single item do to the Planning Commission meeting on May 14th.
  • ITHA Response to 1948 Ocean Ave (Legend Billiards) 312 Discretionary Review for an ABC Type 40 (Beer-only) license.

As this is a teleconference, if you would like to attend please contact me by sending me a Private Message or email by Monday 5pm. Please also let me know as well as if you would like to make a statement.

Please note regardless of your position, as the Board would have to create a letter that represents us to the Planning Commission, that either support or opposition must have an expressible and reasonable rationale that reflects our responsible position. Therefore, please include such rationale in your remarks on the call. You may of course, always respond to the Commission directly on this issue in your personal capacity.

All other business will be conducted at our normal 3rd Thursday meeting on May 21st.  

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