Important IT Coyotes Notice - Please Read
You have probably heard about or perhaps actually have seen that multiple coyotes have been in our neighborhood on a regular basis over the last several weeks. As this is unprecedented for the Terraces and there have been incidents of late between coyotes and pets in the vicinity, many of you expressed legitimate safety concerns. Because our City agencies claim they do not have resources and/or jurisdiction to assist us in wildlife control, we have sought private expert assistance. 

Mary Paglieri, noted wildlife behavioral ecologist, agreed to assess our situation and believes that her non-lethal behavioral techniques may be effective in preventing the coyotes from extending their territory to our neighborhood or making it a regular hunting destination. This past Saturday morning, Annemarie Conroy and I gave her a two hour walking tour of our neighborhood, including all of the access roads and alleys. She especially focused on all locations of reported coyote activity helpfully compiled by Vicki Pate. She noted that due to a depression in their natural prey base on account of drought conditions, the coyotes are most likely increasing their home-range, and that our neighborhood provides ample travel corridors to and from natural hunting areas. Additionally, the number of overgrown front and rear yards may provide harborage for their natural prey such as rodents, causing the coyotes to keep returning to the area. 

Ms. Paglieri has agreed to perform a full assessment over the next week and report her findings and recommendations to your Board. However, for the assessment to be accurate, she requests your assistance. She would like to be informed of all recent coyote activity through this coming week. To facilitate this, I have set up a special section in the Terraces Forum at http//, where you can post details including day, time, number, pictures, type or evidence of activity, etc. She will have access to this forum and also answer any questions you might have. This is the preferred mode of communication as it allows direct interaction and respects her time by allowing her to answer a question once to everyone’s benefit. However, if you are unable to do so please provide provide your information to a Board member or your SAFE Block Captain. 

If she finds that she is able to assist us in dispersing the coyotes and has a recommended plan of action that is approved by the Board, we will be setting up a special evening neighborhood meeting during the week of Sept. 14 to allow her to present her findings and plan of action tailored to the coyotes we are seeing, including why they are here, what is attracting them to return, and how we can alter their behavior causing them to disperse and avoid our neighborhood. We will have plenty of time for her to answer any of your questions.  

In the meantime, it is important to heed Ms. Paglieri's following expert advice, especially during the hour after sunrise and before sunset when the coyotes are most active. 

Almost all coyote conflicts happen with our pets:
  1. Always walk your dogs on a leash, in case you need to immediately leave an area.
  2. Keep large dogs contained in a fenced yard or dog-run during the day. Bring them indoors at dusk. 
  3. Do not leave small dogs unattended in open or easily accessible backyards where they can be discovered by coyotes taking a shortcut through your property.
  4. Supervise all evening outdoor potty-breaks. Use a leash so that your dog does not chase after the coyotes if they’re around.5. Keep your cats strictly indoors until the coyotes have vacated the area. 

If you see a coyote on a path ahead of you:
  1. Pick up small dogs.
  2. Calmly go back the way you came.
  3. Do not run, you might incite a chase. 
  4. Avoidance is always the best policy.  

If approached by a coyote: 
  1. Be "Big, Bad and Loud".
  2. If the coyote does not back off, calmly leave the area, and do not be alarmed if it “escorts” you until you are a safe distance away.   

***Small children should ALWAYS be supervised when playing outdoors, especially in areas where coyotes have been sighted.  

You can read more about Ms. Paglieri’s organization and experience and methods on her website at where there is an extensive section on her success with coyotes in the Bay Area and around the country. 

If you have not already gotten access to the Terraces Forum, please go to for instructions. 

In closing we recognize that this is a sensitive and polarizing issue and ask everyone to work together to find a solution that works for both the neighborhood and the coyotes. You will receive a followup email once Ms. Paglieri has presented her report to the Board. If you know of any neighbors without email access please provide them with a copy of this notice. 


For the ITHA Board,
Mark Scardina
Ingleside Terraces Homes Assoc.
The following two stories are of interest:
KPIX Ch5 5 Report on the IT Coyotes with Mark Paglieri

SF Chronicle Report on Coyote threat to Gray Foxes in the Presidio (Mary is being consulted)
Please attend the IT Coyote Informational Meeting set for this Saturday from 10am to 12pm.
Bring your kids!

First, I'd like to thank everyone who is continuing to file reports on coyote activity. It is very helpful to Mary in her effort as she cannot be everywhere. Please continue your vigilance and report all activity in the Terraces Coyote Project Forum by clicking here. Please do not report by replying to this message as Mary Paglieri will not see it. 

Your ITHA Board has reserved the St. Francis Episcopal Church Hall for the IT Coyote informational Meeting. It will be Saturday, Sept. 26th from 10am to 12pm. The location is the same as our Annual Meeting at 399 San Fernando Way @ Ocean Ave.

UPDATE: We are planning on recording the event at Google Hangouts on Air which you can join by clicking here.  To join you will be prompted to install a Google plugin. If we are successful, it will be available on YouTube for later viewing.  However, please try to attend, especially if you have questions as her proven techniques and instructions are not intuitive.  It would also be beneficial if you could read her report in advance of the meeting in an effort to become familiar with our situation and be able to ask great questions. 

As Mary's time is quite valuable, this meeting will not be an open forum but has a very specific agenda as follows: 
  • Explanation of the Coyote Assessment,
  • Explanation of her report and her techniques,
  • Phased Plan for Coyote Redirection and progress to date,
  • IT Coyote DO's & DON'T's in the coming weeks,
  • Question and Answer session.

She has specifically asked that you bring your school age children especially if they walk pets or are out in the neighborhood from the hour before sunset to the hour after dawn. We have plenty of seating capacity and there will be a slide presentation accompanying her talk.

Mary has given permission for us to make available her report to our residents. As the above report  is specific to Ingleside Terraces, you must be a member of our Terraces Forum to download it. Clicking on the link above will take you there. We ask that you do not redistribute it without Mary Paglieri's consent.
Please also note in the report that she has offered us a very deep discount on her services which the board has already approved payment. In appreciation of her accommodation, I have been authorized by your Board to ask that if you support her Little Blue Society's goals, to please consider sending her an additional tax deductible contribution. You can either donate directly by visiting her website (see sidebar) or include a separate check to "Little Blue Society" in the membership dues envelope you just received and we'll see she gets it. 
Thanks again and I hope to see you at the meeting this Saturday.


Mark Scardina
Ingleside Terraces Homes Assoc.

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