Important IT Coyotes Notice - Please Read
Please attend the IT Coyote Informational Meeting set for this Saturday from 10am to 12pm.
Bring your kids!

First, I'd like to thank everyone who is continuing to file reports on coyote activity. It is very helpful to Mary in her effort as she cannot be everywhere. Please continue your vigilance and report all activity in the Terraces Coyote Project Forum by clicking here. Please do not report by replying to this message as Mary Paglieri will not see it. 

Your ITHA Board has reserved the St. Francis Episcopal Church Hall for the IT Coyote informational Meeting. It will be Saturday, Sept. 26th from 10am to 12pm. The location is the same as our Annual Meeting at 399 San Fernando Way @ Ocean Ave.

UPDATE: We are planning on recording the event at Google Hangouts on Air which you can join by clicking here.  To join you will be prompted to install a Google plugin. If we are successful, it will be available on YouTube for later viewing.  However, please try to attend, especially if you have questions as her proven techniques and instructions are not intuitive.  It would also be beneficial if you could read her report in advance of the meeting in an effort to become familiar with our situation and be able to ask great questions. 

As Mary's time is quite valuable, this meeting will not be an open forum but has a very specific agenda as follows: 
  • Explanation of the Coyote Assessment,
  • Explanation of her report and her techniques,
  • Phased Plan for Coyote Redirection and progress to date,
  • IT Coyote DO's & DON'T's in the coming weeks,
  • Question and Answer session.

She has specifically asked that you bring your school age children especially if they walk pets or are out in the neighborhood from the hour before sunset to the hour after dawn. We have plenty of seating capacity and there will be a slide presentation accompanying her talk.

Mary has given permission for us to make available her report to our residents. As the above report  is specific to Ingleside Terraces, you must be a member of our Terraces Forum to download it. Clicking on the link above will take you there. We ask that you do not redistribute it without Mary Paglieri's consent.
Please also note in the report that she has offered us a very deep discount on her services which the board has already approved payment. In appreciation of her accommodation, I have been authorized by your Board to ask that if you support her Little Blue Society's goals, to please consider sending her an additional tax deductible contribution. You can either donate directly by visiting her website (see sidebar) or include a separate check to "Little Blue Society" in the membership dues envelope you just received and we'll see she gets it. 
Thanks again and I hope to see you at the meeting this Saturday.


Mark Scardina
Ingleside Terraces Homes Assoc.

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